Need a copywriter with vast experience in your field? I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

And, if you’ll hear me out, it could be the best wrong turn you’ll ever make.

Because the thing with specialists is they can know too much.

They’re too close to the subject, which makes it hard to see things how normal people do.

They’ve seen every brief. Tried every angle. Pushed all the creative limits. And it’s tough to keep things fresh once you’ve hit that rut.

(I used to specialise, in a former life, so I learned this all the hard way.)

That’s why I’m a proud no-nicher

Curious about everything, expert in nothing. In my not-at-all-biased opinion, that’s the copywriter you want.

As a generalist, I’m not burdened by knowledge. I can see the simple truths that specialists might overlook.

I can research the barn owl out of any subject, to the point I can pass as an expert. But I’m still on the reader’s level, so my writing always speaks to them.

The result? Copy that gets you noticed, shifts your stuff and gives your rivals the sweats.

OK, so maybe I was being modest

My words have paid my bills since 2009. And you don’t survive that long in any business unless you’re an expert in something.

As a qualified linguist and perpetual student of communication, I know all the ‘rules’ of English – and how and when to bend them.

I know heaps about plain English, having written truckloads of copy for international audiences and brands selling complex things.

I’m CIPR-qualified in internal comms. So if you need someone who can cut through the corporate noise and get people to listen, you’re looking at him.

And if you really, truly, absolutely must have a specialist, I’ve done loads of work for sport, leisure and education brands*.

So whatever you’ve got, hit me

And if you’d like to hit me with any of this in particular, that’d be extra great:

  • Tone of voice development
  • Website copywriting
  • UX copywriting
  • Brand and employee value propositions
  • Single-minded propositions
  • Straplines
  • Elevator pitches
  • Key message development
  • Corporate communications
  • Internal communications
  • Case studies
  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Copywriting for advertising (digital, print, outdoor)
  • Google Ads and paid social
  • Branding and packaging
  • Email marketing
  • Product naming
  • Direct mail
  • Copy review and editing

*You’ll also struggle to find anyone with more useless knowledge of the 1996/97 Premier League season (yes, I am available for pub quizzes in the Brighton area).

“Joe had a big challenge facing him in two hugely different audiences. He struck a fantastic balance, providing us with a ToV and copy that speaks effectively to both. There is no doubt Joe’s work has laid the foundations of a strong brand and will support our growth in 2021 and beyond.”

Nick Livermore, Senior Marketing Manager, Adapt