Working with me is as easy as 1, 2, er, 7

(My copywriting process is very simple – promise.)

1. The brief

Every project needs one – so that’s where we’ll start.

You can fill out my online briefing form here.

Once that’s done, it’s time for …

2. The intro

We’ll now have a 20-minute call to fill any gaps in the brief, nail down the finer details, and get to know each other a bit.

After that, we should have everything we need for …

3. The quote

I’ll send you a short proposal to confirm:

  • What I can do
  • When I can do it by
  • How much it’s likely to cost

I charge fixed project fees, so everyone’s clear on costs from the start. No moving goalposts or other such jiggery-pokery.

The fee only changes if the scope does. And only once you’ve given it the OK.

All good? Then please kindly scribble on …

4. The dotted line

I’ll send you a copy of my business terms to sign. Give them a quick skim now if you like.

If the fee’s under £2,000, I’ll ask you to pay the full amount up front before I start any work.

If it’s over £2,000, I’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit to get the work in my diary.

With that all sorted, it’s time for …

5. The ‘magic’

All I need from you now is the occasional (metaphorical) shoulder massage and motivational gif before the deadline we’ve agreed.

At which point, we dive into …

6. The tweaks

I’ll deliver v1 of the project in a shared Google doc or slide deck.

In some cases, I might also record a quick video to talk you through my thinking.

You’ll then have five working days to gather and share feedback from everyone with a stake in the project.

Once you’re done, I’ll work through your suggestions and send you the final draft.

Happy with the work? Excellent. All that’s left is for you to apply …

7. The stamp of approval

Not literally, of course. Unless you do have an actual rubber stamp to sign off people’s work (unusual, but I like it).

I’ll then send you my final invoice for anything outstanding. Due within 14 days, unless we’ve agreed something different.

Got a new project you’d like to tell me about?