“We’re so stoked with your copy!”

Sama Alyasiri, Co-founder, nymbl

“I bloody love it.”

Chris James, Creative Director, 05creative

“Without your support, there’s no way we would have gained consensus over our ToV going forward – we wouldn’t have had the time, space, objectivity or approach to make it happen.

You were always transparent and clear about the process and what was needed to hit deadlines, or to prepare for the next step. Your feedback was kind and clear, and you never made me or any of the other stakeholders feel like a question was ‘stupid’ or that we were asking (or thinking) anything out of the ordinary.

Working with you was an excellent experience and opened my eyes to the value of seasoned professionals for aspects of my work that require greater objectivity (and deep experience that I don’t have within my team).”

Donna Moore, Director of Global Marketing, Welocalize

“Thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate it. You’ve helped keep the project on track and deliver to a higher quality. I’ll be recommending you to my colleagues in the wider business.”

Simon Webster, Brand & Operations Director, Inspired Thinking Group

“We’ve all really enjoyed working with you – you’re an absolute pro!”

Jo-ann Fortune, Head of Content, iCrossing

“Your work really helped us frame our argument.”

Doug Anderson, UK Marketing Manager, VEGA Controls

“This is perfect – exactly what I need. Many, many thanks.”

Claire Smith, business consultant

“You were positive and open to working in collaboration with our team – it’s not always easy to do that, but you let us do what we’re good at and we respected your role in making the campaign work as well. That mutual understanding felt good.”

Steve Harvey, Co-founder, Fabrik Brands

“Joe had a big challenge facing him in two hugely different audiences. He struck a fantastic balance, providing us with a ToV and copy that speaks effectively to both. There is no doubt Joe’s work has laid the foundations of a strong brand and will support our growth in the years ahead.”

Nick Livermore, Senior Marketing Manager, Adapt

“Joe quickly understood our proposition and was able to make it accessible without watering down the content. Writing simple and engaging copy is not easy when you’re talking about complex software but Joe still manages to navigate this and write something that’s actually enjoyable to read (a surprising rarity in this field).

He’s also incredibly methodical, organised, and helpful – I’ve never had to give him something back for a re-write, which is invaluable for me. Overall, he’s a pleasure to work with and a great example of what a copywriter can bring to the table.”

Content Manager, B2B SaaS company

“I needed to sound like a real person – a better written version of my spoken voice. I also really needed to remove confusion about what I do and provide for my three types of clients in a concise and likeable way.

You’ve captured this really approachable yet sharp-tongued persona in the copy. It tells the story I knew my agency needed. Definitely no more confusion about who I am as a personality and what I can do for my clients.

My website copy is now the perfect vetting tool I needed for prospective clients to read. Bloody brilliant!”

Sarah Louise Kinsella, Founder, Louise Agency (new website copy going live late 2022)