Protecting your privates

Er, what’s all this about?

Your personal data. Specifically, how I collect and handle any information you give me under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as well as the UK’s GDPR post-Brexit.

I’ll keep it brief. But if you’re in a rush, here’s what it all boils down to:

  • I’ll only ever ask you for the absolute minimum of personal information
  • Anything you do share with me, I promise to keep safe
  • I’ll only use your personal information for the specific reason you gave it to me
  • I’ll never give anyone access to your data unless required by law
  • I don’t (and won’t) use creepy tracking tools to follow your every move on my site

How do you collect information?

Through my website contact form and email address, if you choose to use them. And I only ask for the minimum to help me reply to your enquiry.

There are minimal cookies on my site. And I don’t use Google Analytics, as I believe it’s too intrusive.

Instead, I use Microanalytics – a privately owned, privacy-focused analytics platform powered by renewable energy. It gives me a basic overview of how my website’s performing, and nothing more.

What information do you hold?

When you contact me (either by email or through my website form), I collect your name and email address. Plus a few non-personal details about your potential project.

If we end up working together, I collect:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your business address
  • Details for invoicing and other admin purposes

I also:

  • Keep copies of any contract(s) and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • Keep records of the invoices I send you and the payments you make. I never have access to your bank details, unless I need to refund a payment to you.
  • Keep copies of briefing documents and any work I create for you. I will delete sensitive documents on request.

Unless it’s relevant to ongoing work, I’ll delete information you send me after one year of your project finishing.

Where do you store my information?

When you contact me by email or through my website, I store your information in Google Mail and Google Drive.

If you do business with me, I store your information in Google Drive.

What do you use my information for?

To allow us to work together – from your first email through to project delivery.

I may also email you occasionally to tell you if I’m free for new projects, or to let you know about new services I offer. If you’d rather not receive those emails, just let me know.

Who’s responsible for my information?

Me – Joe Jeffries. Email me any time at if you have questions or concerns.

Who has access to my information?

Only me.

How do you keep my information private?

When I store your information using third-party services, I‘m the only person with access to that service.

I store all passwords securely. The devices I use are protected by a password and/or biometric log-in. And they require authentication whenever they’re started or after five minutes of inactivity.

How can I make a complaint?

If you’d like to complain about my handling of your data or privacy, please contact me by email:

Changes to the policy

If I change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment they are published here.