How many word-related jobs can you name?

Since 2009, I’ve had them all – and a few others, too.

I’ve been a translator. An interpreter. An SEO content writer – before most people knew what SEO or ‘content’ was.

I’ve been an editor. A corporate communicator. A social media manager.

I’ve even written answers for those ask-me-anything SMS services you used to see before Google ruined all the fun.

But the thing I do best? It’s the thing I love most: writing to sell, persuade, inspire and explain.

Whatever the job, my approach is the same: simplify the complex, clarify the confusing, and make the reader feel something.

Because when you feel something, you do something – and if nobody does anything, nobody gets paid.

You want to get paid. I wouldn’t mind getting paid. So let’s get paid.