Hello. I’m Joe. A copywriter who hates writing.

You know the kind of writing I hate?

The stuff you see on the page or screen and think, “Yep – this is writing all right.”

“Someone’s written this.”

The type of writing you have to read with a stiff drink and a running start.

If you can bring yourself to read it at all.

Those heavy slabs of stodge with no white space for the poor little words to breathe.

The me me me and blah blah blah and leveraged synergies and cutting-edge solutions.

Writing with no brain or heart or imagination.

Writing that doesn’t move, tickle or persuade me.

Writing that sounds like it was written by a bot, for other bots.

Instead of by a human, for other humans.

Now, be honest. Do you hate writing too?

Do you hate it infecting your website, ads, emails and social?

Does it pain you to see it in press releases, newsletters and internal comms?

And do you rage when it gets in the way of sales?


Then you’ll love having me on your team.