Freelance copywriter London
(or the next best thing)

You need a freelance copywriter in London.

Well, full disco – that’s not what I am. I actually live in Brighton.

But that doesn’t stop me working with loads of brilliant London businesses.

Or providing a service that’s every bit as good as that of a London freelance copywriter.

Because in 2023, great work can come from anywhere

Location’s no longer a barrier. So there’s no reason to limit yourself to the talent pool of just one city.

With most of my London freelance copywriting clients, I work 100% remotely.

And if you were to hire me – and you needed me on site for any reason – I can get to Victoria, Kings Cross or London Bridge in just over an hour.

(There are copywriters in London who can only dream of getting to those places that fast.)

So give this seaside-dwelling word-slinger a shot

Perhaps you need temporary support for your busy in-house writing team. A partner for a one-off project. Or a freelance copywriter you can build a longer-term relationship with.

Whatever it is, I can help.

So drop me a message. Brief me in. And let’s have words.