English copywriter Paris.
Bon, pas tout à fait.

Need an English freelance copywriter in Paris? Well, I have some excellent news for you.

I’m a native English freelance copywriter. And a very good one, apparently.

I’m also a French speaker, and a former French-to-English translator. So that’s handy too.

The slightly less good news …

I’m not actually based in Paris. So to call myself a Paris freelance copywriter wouldn’t strictly be correct.

But we won’t let that get in our way

Because in the end, it doesn’t matter where your native English copywriter lives.

If they’ve got good internet and even better communication skills, they can do the job just as well as any Paris copywriter could.

Of course, if your business is based there, it’s always nice to get your copywriting services in Paris.

But if you’re prepared to widen your search, you have so many more great options available to you.

Like, for example – me!

I provide copywriting services to brands and agencies around the world. Particularly those that don’t use English as their main working language.

With my background as a translator, I’m an expert in clear, concise copywriting. And I’m highly experienced in writing for brands that target international audiences.

So drop me a message. Tell me more about your project. And let’s get writing.