English copywriter Copenhagen:
Your ideal second choice

Need a native English copywriter in Copenhagen? In all honesty, you probably don’t.

There are thousands of well-travelled, highly educated Danes in your city. And in general, their knowledge of English puts many native speakers to shame.

(I speak from real experience, having worked in a Nordic translation company where most of my colleagues were Danish.)

So in most situations, if you need copywriting in English, choose someone local. They’ll probably do a solid job.

But what if you really, truly do need a native?

You might be launching a new product specifically for the UK or US market.

Or maybe your brand’s tone of voice relies on wit and wordplay – some of which might not translate well into English.

In those cases, I agree – it’s sensible to hire a freelance native English copywriter. In Copenhagen, if their location’s important to you. Or anywhere else in the world, if the quality of their work matters more than where they deliver it from.

You could choose me, for example 👋

I’m an experienced native English copywriter. Based 800 miles from Copenhagen, admittedly. But if that doesn’t put you off, I’d love to work with you.

I provide freelance copywriting services to brands and agencies around the world. And, in particular, to businesses whose main working language isn’t English.

My background is in translation and localisation. So I have loads of experience writing for international audiences. And I understand the linguistic challenges and considerations of taking a product global.

So drop me a message. Tell me more about your goals. And let’s have words.