Are you utilising client–facing collateral that fails to engage the target segment in a way that truly leverages your unique brand voice or deliver on the KPIs that matter most to your key senior stakeholders?

Is your company’s copy stuffed with buzzwords no human would ever say aloud? Is it betraying your brand? And is your boss cross because it’s not converting?

Then send it my way (and don’t worry – I know you didn’t write it).

I’m a skilled freelance copy editor in Brighton, with 10 years’ big-brand experience in my pencil case.

I’ve worked in large review teams, created and managed QA processes for agencies and brands, and edited comms for senior business leaders. In Brighton and beyond.

Most importantly, though, I have an ultra-sensitive nose for corporate fluff and puffery.

So by the time I’m finished, your copy will read like it’s written by a real, sentient being – and not by the first candidate fired from series 613 of The Apprentice.