Wonderful words where you least expect them

Fun words in mundane places. Don’t you just love ‘em?

Some brands get so fixated on the The Important Stuff, they forget it’s often the smallest, humblest details that make the biggest difference.

Like this charming little touch by The Phoenix Comic.

When you’re setting up your subscription, you get to choose from this list of titles:

– Mr
– Mrs
– Miss
– The wonderful
– The incredible
– The glorious
– The magnificent
– The amazing
– The fantastic
– The awesome

None of which seem particularly exciting or original to us world-weary marketing folk.

But to the comic’s target audience of 6–12-year-olds, it’s an unexpected flourish that adds to the enjoyment and anticipation of the whole thing.

That’s without talking about the envelopes themselves, which are lovely things in their own right (and which my little boy hates me throwing away).

Spotted any nice words where you wouldn’t expect them?

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