Updated: 20 November 2020

📝 Working

I love a big strategic brand job. And I’ve been lucky enough to work on two in the last couple of months.

In October, I helped an e-commerce tech start-up position themselves, define their brand voice and apply it consistently across their new website. I also wrote all the UX copy for their app.

Since early November, I’ve been doing the same for a very cool digital marketing agency. They’re merging with another agency – one with a much more buttoned-up style – and I’ve been trying to strike a tone that’s true to them both. Human but businesslike. Harder than it sounds!

That project takes me up to the end of November. Which means I’m free for new work from Thursday 3 December.

Got anything on the radar? Brief me in post-haste.

🤔 Thinking

This time of year, I’m usually getting excited about Christmas in Poland (my wife’s homeland).

It’s always a magical trip for me, even after 13 years of making it. And this year would have been even more magical still, as it’s the first Christmas our little boy (4) will be old enough to properly enjoy.

We won’t be going, of course. Which is sad. But, as I’ve been doing all year, I’m reminding myself how lucky I am to even be here. There will, I hope, be many more Christmases. Not everyone can say that.

🎧 Listening

Finding good, non-distracting music to write to is my life’s mission at the moment.

Current favourites: Khurangbin. Funky, fun and (mostly) lyric-free. Just how I like it.

📺 Watching

MasterChef: The Professionals is back on. I miss being in restaurants and watching professional chefs do their chef things. So this is the show I need right now.

🍳 Cooking

Ever tried hispi cabbage? I hadn’t either, until it turned up in one of our weekly deliveries from Oddbox.

Marinate it in honey, mint and chilli, then whack it on the griddle until charred. Thank me (or, rather, this book) later.

📸 Snapping

Rainbow over beach huts in Hove. Niiiice.