1. The intro

Got a project you’d like to tell me about? Drop me an email to let me know:

  • The kind of copy you need
  • When you need it by
  • How much you’ve budgeted for it

If the scope is clear enough, I’ll send you an estimate on the spot.

In most cases, though, we’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Which leads us to …

2. The brief

I’ll send you a copy of my briefing form to fill out.

As you can see, it goes pretty deep. But I promise you it’s worth your time.

It saves HUGE amounts of email ping-pong further down the line. It gives us both a clear, objective picture of what good looks like.

And it helps me tremendously with …

3. The quote

Based on your brief, I’ll send you a short proposal to confirm:

  • What I’ll deliver (and, just as importantly, what I won’t)
  • When I can realistically deliver it by
  • My fee for the work

I charge fixed project fees – meaning the price I quote is the price you pay. No smoke and definitely no mirrors.

The fee only changes if you slap more work on my plate mid-project. And only after I’ve OK’d it with you.

Happy? Then it’s time for you to scribble on …

4. The dotted line

I’ll now send you a copy of my business terms to sign. Give them a quick skim now if you like.

If the fee is under £500, I’ll ask you to pay the full amount up front before I start any work.

If it’s over £1,000 I’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit to get the work in my diary.

Once that’s sorted (and not before), it’s time for …

5. The magic

All I need from you at this point is plenty of time and space until the deadline we’ve agreed.

Nothing personal, you understand. It’s just that email pings and impromptu Zoom catch-ups have a nasty way of killing the creative flow.

Right, then. Next up … 

6. The tweaks

I’ll deliver V1 of the project in a shared Google doc or slide deck.

You’ll then have five days to gather and share feedback from everyone with a stake in the project. Either as comments in the doc or as suggested edits directly in the copy.

I’ll then make the necessary changes and send you V2.

Need to make any final tweaks? That’s fine – my fees include up to two rounds of amends.

All good? Excellent. Now, all that remains is for you to apply …

7. The stamp of approval

Metaphorically, of course. Unless you do have an actual rubber stamp to sign off people’s work (OK, weird, but also so cool).

I’ll then send you my final invoice for anything outstanding. Due within 14 days, unless we’ve agreed something different.

And that, you’ll be glad to hear, is that. Still with me?